Diamond and Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Mount Oliver, Dundalk, Ireland

Four Jubilarians 

On April 18th 2009 Sr. Genevieve Kerins celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of her Religious Profession and Srs. Antonia Mayr, Constantia Wasserer and Nelezinha (Nellie) Carvalho celebrated their Golden Jubilee at Mount Oliver, Dundalk.  

What follows reflects what the Jubilarians said of their 'big day'.

Srs. Constantia and Marianna
Sr. Constantia with cousin Sr. Marianna Tauber
With joy-filled hearts and gratitude we want to share with you some of the highlights of this happy and memorable occasion. 

Present and rejoicing with us were one of our Sisters from Scotland, three from England, the Sisters from Dublin and, of course, the Mount Oliver Community.  Sisters, lay Residents and Staff from our

Sr. Nellie with friends
Sr. Nellie (back) with friends
Nursing Home at Mount Oliver were also able to be with us. It was a delight to see so many of us Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa celebrating together.

We welcomed all our guests, family members, friends and colleagues from training school days, some of whom had travelled long distances to be with us.  We also remembered family members and friends who were with us in spirit and also shared our joy. 

The chapel was beautifully decorated with floral decorations and Alleluias. A picture of the Risen Christ was in the centre of our backdrop, the Eucharistic Lord in the tabernacle, waiting and receiving us all from His humble dwelling place. Thank you all.


The Mass, the high point of our celebration, began at 11.00a.m. Father Eamon Hoey CSsR was the chief celebrant. Father John Mc Keever from our local parish of Ravensdale and Father Andreas Agreiter M.H.M. concelebrated with Father Hoey.   
Sister Jeanette Watters gave a beautiful welcome address.  She congratulated us and thanked us for our years of service in the Congregation and to the people we have ministered to.

Sr. Genevieve proclaims 1st Reading
Sr. Genevieve reads

Barbara proclaims 2nd Reading
Barbara reads

Fr. Hoey delivers homily
Fr. Hoey delivers homily

The Liturgy was so beautiful. Our chosen readings were Hosea 2:16,21-22 (I will espouse you to myself forever), Ephesians 3:14-21 (Paul's Prayer) and Matthew 14:22-23 (Jesus walks on water). Father's homily touched the deepest cords in our hearts. Referring to the picture and quotations on the cover of our Jubilee Booklet, "By name I have you... You are precious to me", he reminded us that we are called to intimacy with the Lord.  Echoing the words of Hosea "I lured you ... I seduced you ... I brought you into the wilderness", Father spoke of our willingness to follow God's call not knowing what the future would hold for us but keeping our eyes focused on the Lord.  He spoke of the Lord calling Peter to come to him across the water as also being a call to intimacy and deep trust - "fear not, it is I"!  The choir sang beautifully, accompanied at the organ by Sister Avril.

Dining Room

Both the corridor leading from the chapel to the dining room and the dining room itself were beautifully decorated and all was so well arranged. The meal was delicious and those who made 'thank you' speeches were in fine voice. 
Sister Miriam presented each of the Jubilarians with a Papal Blessing. This was one of the highlights of our day. 

Jubilee Cake

Jubilarians cutting Jubilee Cake

Another highlight was the cutting of the Jubilee cake.  Our cake was made by Sister Anne Scott and her sister, Betty. It was delicious and the decorations were so artistically arranged.  A masterpiece indeed!
It was a superb day because of ALL THE TOGETHERNESS of the occasion.  We are grateful to all those who in so many ways helped to make this day truly memorable and special for us.  We wish you many blessings.

Singing Blessing of St. Francis