Gold Medal Award

University College Cork Awards
Gold Medal to Sr. Kathleen O'Sullivan, FMSA

Sr. Kathleen O'Sullivan receiving Gold Medal from Prof. Eamonn Quigley, Head of Medicine, U.C.C.
Sr. Kathleen writes, "It was mid-May when I got the news - You are nominated to receive the Medical Graduate Medal for 2005, by the Medical Faculty of the University College, Cork."

The ceremony was set for June 14th.   In the presence of the Medical Faculty, many of my classmates who had returned from various places for the occasion, and members of my family, I was presented with the Gold Medal in the famous Aula Max Hall of the University.  It was in this same hall that I had sat my final medical exam some thirty-eight years previously!!

Two days later I was invited to give the keynote address to the newly qualified medical and dental graduates.  Here, I invited those who now must have felt they had the world at their feet to consider spending a few years of what I hoped would be very satisfying careers, helping in disadvantaged areas of the world.  Quite a few seemed very interested in the possibility.

Kathleen with staff and volunteers at Kibera, Nairobi
Many asked how I felt about all that had happened.  For me it was both a wonderful and humbling experience.  I felt I received the medal on behalf of all who have, and are doing their part in trying to lessen the suffering of so many people in different parts of Africa.

Now that I enjoyed a good holiday I feel ready to return to the challenge of medical work in Nairobi.

                                     Sr. Kathleen O'Sullivan FMSA

Editor's Note:  Congratulations Kathleen and very well done!!!