Samiwe -  

         Our Daily Visitor 

Samiwe with Sr. Paula
Samiwe is a young Zambian girl 5 years old, but she looks more like a 3 year old! She is what is known as a "double orphan." Samiwe's parents died of HIV/AIDS and she herself is suffering from the disease. At present she is in remission.

This little girl is being looked after by her grandmother who is taking care of two other orphans. Nowadays, the grandparents have to start once again and bring up their children's children.

Since the old lady has no source of income, she has to go out and look for some kind of work to help bring in a little for their food, rent and to raise money. This means that the children are often left alone to fend for themselves.

Samiwe had been attending our little Creche, and so she knew that she could get a meal here if she came our way. She often appears at our door and if we are near enough to hear her, we hear the little voice crying "Sr. Paula." She is then invited in and duly sits herself on the floor until she gets her peanut sandwich and some biscuits and juice. When she is satisfied, she then gets up and takes another wee food packet home to share with her granny and the other two children at home.

One day, our postulants were coming back to the convent when they spotted Samiwe. She was manning a stall selling popcorn! Children are often used for these jobs, selling sugar, vegetable, soap powder,
Sr. Louise with friends
etc. It is often the only source of income the poor people have.

Life is hard for these beautiful people. Their lives are not for themselves but for each other. I feel privileged to be living here among poor but happy people. They are grateful for the little bit that we can give them, as a result of your generosity. They join with me in saying 'God bless you all.'

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