Celebrating 50 Years in Zambia                       



Tree Depicting Missions in Zambia
On 5th January 2006, twenty-three Sisters met together in Mushili Way in Livingstone, Zambia.  The purpose of the gathering was to celebrate and give thanks for 50 years of missionary activity in Zambia by the F.M.S.A.

You can imagine the joy of this reunion, as Sisters came from Ireland, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe to join with Sisters in Zambia!

The Diocesan radio station provided coverage of the occasion by arranging a live interview with Sr. Frances Therese Brankin and Sr. Marie O'Brien.  Both gave a wonderful account of their time in Zambia and a graphic outline of the early days up to the present.  Frances Therese has spent over forty-six years in Zambia.  Marie arrived in the country in 1977.  They both continue to give service to the people of Zambia in their present ministries.Cutting the Jubilee Cake

On the feast of The Epiphany, 6th January, all gathered in Maramba Church to give thanks and praise for the blessings, challenges, accomplishments and friendships brought about during the fifty-year period.  A huge banner proclaiming 50 years of Service in Zambia 1956 - 2006 adorned the church entrance.  The Eucharistic celebration, with the readings of the feast, was deemed so appropriate.

Srs. Eunice, Catherine and Rena
In an inspirational account, Sr. Marie O'Brien recalled the story of eleven mission locations where our Sisters had worked.  Fr. Jude, O.F.M.Cap. challenged us to further discern needs of the present day as we move into the next fifty years.

Celebrations continued in St. Mary's Secondary School Hall. Laughter, joy and much fun was enjoyed by all.  Many Sisters took part in the entertainment.  Speeches were full of humour, very affirming and described the overwhelming sense of gratitude which permeated the whole day.

The hall was beautifully decorated with a pictorial display.  Sr. Malachy, with the help of others, had put this together.  Each Sister who had served in Zambia was fondly remembered.

Our Sisters in Zambia over 50 years

It was truly a great day, at the end of which all returned to their communities feeling enriched and grateful for a missionary call, and renewed to continue the journey into the future.  Much has been accomplished through the Congregation!  We can with certainty say "DEO GRATIAS!!"