Mother Kevin Servant of God

La Verna, Kampala.

5th November 2016.


Dear Sisters,

The process for the Beatification of Mother Kevin has begun and will be officially announced tomorrow, Sunday, November 6th 2016 at Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala (which incidentally is also the feast of All Irish Saints and All Africa Saints).  On this occasion, Fr. Lourdel Mapeera, Brother Amans and Mother Kevin will be proclaimed "Servants of God" which is the first step towards beatification. 

For the cause of Mother Kevin the petitioners are the Little Sisters of St. Francis and Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa jointly.

  • The postulator from Rome is Dr. Waldery Hilgerman. 
  • The vice postulator is Brother Reginald Cruz.
  • The local postulator is Sr. Margaret Kubanze, LSOSF. 
  • The Episcopal representative for Mother Kevin's cause is Bishop Christopher Kakozza and his delegate is Fr. Edward Sekabanja.

The Tribunal Commission is composed of:  Fr. Ignatius Kibowa, Mrs. Grace Wanddinka and Fr. Edward Sekabanja.

The Historical Commission is Br. Reginald Cruz, Sr. Leonie Kindiki, LSOSF and Sr. Miriam Duggan FMSA. 

The Financial Commission is Bishop Kakooza, Sr. Goretti, LSOSF and Mother Cecelia Njeri, LSOSF.]

During the official ceremony tomorrow all the members of these commission will take an oath to fulfill their roles with due secrecy. 

A big emphasis is put on the involvement of the laity as this is considered a church event. 

Jointly with the Little Sisters of St. Francis an Intercessory prayer has been composed. We are encouraged to make cards for distribution and encourage people to  say this intercessory prayer.  The intercessory prayer is not a novenas.  Please record any favours received through the intercession of Mother Kevin as these are considered a sign of holiness.  If miracles happen they are to be documented and reported to the committee as they could fast-forward the process.

If anyone has articles or letters written by Mother Kevin or about her please let us know by contacting us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  or by writing to FMSA Generalate, 34A Gilford Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4, Ireland. 

Mother Kevin's case is considered a historical/ancient case as she is dead more than 30 years and so we rely heavily on documentation. The Tribunal will scrutinize everything so we will have to be able to verify all that we submit.  The Tribunal Commission will also interview people who knew Mother Kevin.  Everything that has happened to Mother Kevin from her birth to her death has significance. 

There is great excitement here in Uganda and the joy is tangible.  Let us rejoice as we give thanks for the life of Mother Kevin and be renewed in our own living out of our vocation in life. 

Please put this process towards beatification in your prayers.  We will keep you informed of developments.

With many blessings,

Sr. Miriam, fmsa.