First Profession, Anne Wandia

Greetings, Appreciation and Gratitude

Sunday 10th April, 2016 marked the First Profession Day for Sr. Anne Wandia Mbithi at our Mother Kevin Novitiate, in Kiamaina, Nakuru, Kenya.

The celebration began with prayer on the Eve of the Profession, a preparatory event intended to focus on the forthcoming gathering and to encourage and give thanks for Sr. Anne as she makes a vowed commitment to the Congregation.

The profession day began amidst a tone of joy and thanksgiving for all of us as we prepared to welcome another member into our Franciscan family. Sisters from Greccio and Nakuru communities joined the Novitiate community. The whole compound was bedecked with a rich variety of colourful flowers. The air was filled with beautiful aromas from the many different culinary dishes being prepared including a 20 litre jerican of fermented porridge. This, in the Kikuyu tradition of Sr. Anne's culture, is an indication that the celebration about to unfold is very unique and special.

Fr. Lawrence Mbogo, Vicar General of Nakuru Diocese was the principal celebrant. The homily featured on the theme of "call" stressing that our call to Religious Life is a mystery that cannot be explained, but can only be shown if lived with love and expressed in our actions. In this Year of Mercy, all were challenged to proclaim this year showing mercy to all people. The choir excelled during the liturgy which was followed by a photo shoot marking the occasion.

An invitation to a beautifully decorated dining room followed and was enjoyed by all during which there was much rejoicing, laughter, followed by singing and dancing. Towards evening we had a fall of rain, a long awaited gift for our plants and crops. In Africa, rainfall is seen as a sign of blessing.

The last phase of the day consisted of opening gifts, cards and greetings from so many sisters. Sr. Anne had a few words for all - " Thank you to all for the many messages of congratulations and the many words of encouragement, all of which will strengthen me as I prepare to go to my new mission. May God bless you all."

Sr. Anne Wandia FMSA