First Profession of Srs. Leonidah Nychero Mokua and Caroline Akoth Opio 
We congratulate Srs. Leonidah and Caroline who made First Profession of Vows as Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa on 27th June 2015 at our Convent in Greccio, Nairobi.  Leonidah is from Kenya and Caroline is from Uganda. 
Extract from Srs. Caroline and Leonidah's letter telling of their special day: 

...Our day was colourful and blessed, beginning with the prayers of the eve of our profession day which was prepared by our community members. The morning of 27th June, 2015 the whole house, starting from the chapel, diningroom, recreation room and every corner of the place, even the compound, was beautiful. They were decorated colourfully ready for the day.

We thank the sisters and staff who worked so hard and tirelessly to make sure everything was in order. And for ourselves, we were also ready dressed smart with our brown skirts and cream blouses as brides of Christ.

At 10.00 o’clock the sisters from Kariobangi, Nakuru and Mbikko communities started to arrive. At 11.00 o’clock we processed to the chapel.

Fr. Joseph Taylor, the main celebrant, Fr. John Maina, co-celebrant, the Mother Kevin Novitiate choir intoned a Japadhola song for our entrance. The joy in the chapel and sense of gratitude to God we felt at that particular moment is better imagined than written in an essay or poem.

Fr.Joseph delivered an excellent sermon with words of wisdom, empowering liturgy of embracing mission with Love and Joy in the Gospel. He encouraged, congratulated and blessed us. The Novitiate choir sang with such angelic voices, songs of different kinds, English, Swahili, Japadhola and Kisii perfectly, that nobody could fail to rejoice and thank God.

The food which was prepared and cooked by our own Chief Chefs, Kevina cookery and Bakery, and it was delicious. The effort made by our sisters the three communities in Kenya was memorable. Thank you so much

The ceremony was graced with great entertainment, singing, different traditional dances and with shared jokes. No one wanted the sun to set and for ourselves it was unbelievable that we were novices at dawn and professed sisters by sunset. The day was really lovely, blessed for us and memorable in our lives that we will not forget.

Srs, Leonidah and Caroline