Janet Museveni visit

Mrs. Janet Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda,

Visits FMSA Generalate in Dublin, Ireland


                                                                           Slideshow Photos courtesy of Mr. Brian MacCormaic


On 13th April 2015, Mrs. Janet Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda took time out from her official visits in Ireland to pay a private visit to our FMSA Generalate in Sandymount, Dublin.  Mrs Museveni particularly wanted to visit Sr. Bridgette Cormack, our Congregational Leader, who is a former Headmistress of Mount St Mary’s Secondary School , Namagunga,  Uganda, where the Museveni girls were at school.

Mrs. Museveni presented Sr. Bridgette with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a large basket of fruit containing many fruits from Uganda.  

The day included a private discussion between Mrs. Museveni and Sr. Bridgette, a visit to our chapel, a gathering of the sisters who had worked in Uganda and were able to attend.  Mrs. Museveni was introduced to Sisters currently on home leave in Ireland from Uganda (Srs. Maureen Carroll and Catherine McCrave) and to others who had served over the years in Uganda.  These included Sr. Maurita Kennedy, former Headmistress of Mount St. Mary's Secondary School, Namagunga.  Mrs. Museveni was amazed at the length of years many had spent in Uganda.

In a short welcoming address to Mrs. Museveni, Sr. Bridgette said:

Your work as Patron for the Advancement of Rural Women, the Ugandan Youth Forum, safe motherhood and prevention of Adult and Paediatric Aids infection has gained the attention and admiration of the world.
Most recently, as Minister for Karamoja Affairs, your development of the Karamoja Drylands Project has been enhancing productivity and has improved the health, livelihood and quality of life of the people in this area that suffers so much from a harsh climate and desert winds.
We know that all your hard work and endeavours on behalf of your people is inspired by your deep Faith and commitment to Gospel Values. You are doing wonderful things for the ‘Pearl of Africa’ where so many of us have ministered and are still bonded to your country and deeply interested in its wellbeing and development...

In addressing the gathering of Sisters, Mrs. Museveni paid tribute to the hard work and wonderful achievements of the Sisters over so many years of service to the Ugandan people.  She also paid tribute to the wonderful 'quiet'  generosity of the Irish people.

The visit ended with afternoon tea, photos and farewells.