General Chapter of FMSA

new congregational leadership team.jpg
Srs. Marie, Cecilia, Bridgette, Felicia

The General Chapter of our Congregation was held  at Dromantine, Newry, Co. Armagh, Ireland  between 14th April and 28th April 2013. Twenty  four delegates from across the Congregation met  to evaluate, discern, plan and set direction for the  Congregation over the next six years. A new  Congregational Leadership Team was elected.  Sr. Bridgette Cormack is our new Congregational  Leader, Sr. Marie Deans her Assistant with Srs.  Felicia Matola and Cecilia Sweeney completing the  new Leadership Team.  We are grateful to Sr. Miriam Duggan for her wonderful generosity and enthusiasm in leading our Congregation over the past twelve years. We are also grateful to Sr. Kathleen Moran, our outgoing Assistant Congregational Leader who also served us so generously and tirelessly over the last six years.