KARIOBANGI ! 

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Greetings from South Tyrol!
We two businessmen, Ander Tscholl and Ander Unterhurner asked the people of our village, Schenna, in South Tyrol to help the Franciscan Missionary Sisters working in Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya. They donated the amazing amount of Euro 9,200 in just  four weeks, between February and March 2012, so we decided to deliver the money in person to Srs. Lydia and Ivanna from the Tyrol and Sr. Teresa from Ireland, all of whom work in Kariobangi.
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“Hands of Care and Hope” was started six years ago to help young people in Kariobangi, one of the poorest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Some 1,250 children are educated in the five primary schools built in this area. Instead of searching among the rubbish heaps, they now receive breakfast and lunch in the centre and are able to concentrate on learning.
Sr. Lydia, in typical Tyrolese fashion set out to help these youngsters. With donations from many parts of the world she continues the work she has been doing for fifty years in Africa amidst the poorest and neediest people. With Sr. Teresa, and project helpers Aids Awareness is taught and young people are taught skills for the future.
Sr. Ivanna runs a Home for the Elderly. Each week 120 elderly women come for food, clothes and basic requirements. The area Governor of Ivanna’s home place made this statement. following a recent visit, “ Sr. Ivanna renders the elderly indigent people an excellent service  at the Cheshire Home. I admire Ivanna’s zeal,  loving concern and care for each person that avails of the services and clinics provided at the Cheshire Home” Many children  who suffered trauma through the post- election violence receive counselling and have various needs met. Sr. Teresa runs a centre for Aids Awareness Education. The youth theatre provides  stimulation through lessons in Drama and Dancing.
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Sr. Lydia insisted we visit Korogocho  and Madoyo, two of the poorest parts of Kariobangi. What we had once seen on TV or newspapers, now became a reality. We visited people in mud huts with no windows, rarely a light bulb and no form of sanitation.

The Franciscan Missionary Sisters try to alleviate this deprivation by channelling the small amounts of money received into well-planned projects, and the work carried out by the sisters and their
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 Ander Tscholl, Ander Unterhurner 
Srs. Teresa, Ivanna and Lydia 
Our lives have been changed by this visit. We regard the time with the sisters as precious. We have nothing but admiration for this small community, who make such a big difference to the people around them.

Ander Tscholl
Ander Unterhurner