chipata children skipping 150.jpgSt. Francis Day Centre, Chipata Compound, Lusaka

St. Francis Day Centre is a Community Based Faith Organisation started in 2002 by a group of volunteers in Chipata Compound at St. Paul's Catholic Church. Its sole purpose is to provide basic nursery education to vulnerable orphans within the communityRead more>>>

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Quarry workers breaking stonesAdult Literacy Programme in Livingstone, Zambia

...They sit in small groups armed with hammers and for long hours each day, in the hot sun, they break stones into small pieces which are then sold on to the Lorry Owners who come to collect them.  They wanted to be able to write their names, to be able to sign documents for their children, and thus a group for adult literacy began... Read more>>> 

Sr. Lydia with childrenCaring for those who are mentally and physically challenged in Kampala

In one of the bigger disadvantaged areas of Kampala, Mengo Kisenyi, stands the Good Shepherd Center where over 250 mentally and physically challenged children and aged elderly unable to cope on their own, find a permanent home regardless of tribe, race, or religion.  Read more>>>

Youth Alive LogoYouth Alive Zimbabwe

Young people represent the future for any society or culture worldwide. By promotion and involvement in passing on life skills and values we as F.M.S.A. have focused on truth, dignity, respect, fidelity and discipline in family life and especially among youngsters. Involvement with youth is paramount in bringing about any form of change initiative.  Read more>>> 

Efl LogoEducation For Life (EFL) - Kenya

Education for Life -  Kenya(EFL)  was begun by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa in 1994.  It came into being to address the rising evidence of HIV/AIDS in Kenya and drew on our previous experience in Uganda which was already producing good results.  Read more>>> 

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