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Sr. Loice Kashangura gives us an update on the construction of St.Francis & St. 
Clare School in Lusaka, Zambia.    Read here>>>

tn_sisters in wau 2016(1).jpgFMSA in Wau, South Sudan continue to be positive and hopeful in the face of great difficulties.    

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 tn_youth alive project in pictures presentation-10.jpgYouth Alive Zimbabwe

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Hands of Care and Hope, Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya

The Annual Report for the year 2016 for Hands of Care and Hope, Kariobangi has been presented.  It give a very comprehensive account of the 'tangible' effects of mission in this project.  It has facts, figures and photos and is a good read.  To view Report, click here>>>

Sr. Lucy Wambui Waweru.jpgTeaching - a Noble Profession: Sr. Lucy Wambui Waweru writes of her experience of teaching in Nairobi, Kenya

... A society whose springboard is technology, and where youths stagger vulnerably in the face of drug abuse, crime, broken families, peer influence, diseases, secularism, undeniably requires a teacher! ...   Read more>>>

sr. wilkista at korokocha.jpgSr. Wilkista writes of the challenge of teaching at Korokocho, Nairobi, Kenya 

Teaching in Korochocho is very different from teaching in other schools.
I teach in St John Bosco preschool in a large slum area. It is a very poor school made from Iron sheets and mesh wire as windows. It caters for children from the surrounding area
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Ngwnenya Literacy ProjectNgwenya Literacy Project, Zambia

The Ngwenya Literacy Project was started about eight years ago by a group of people who lived and worked near the stone quarry in Ngwenya Compound.  Their desire was to enhance their quality of life by improving their literacy skills and other skills such as knitting, sewing, embroidery and mat-making and to increase their income by selling their products. 

 Quarry workers breaking stonesAdult Literacy Programme in Livingstone, Zambia

They sit in small groups armed with hammers and for long hours each day, in the hot sun, they break stones into small pieces which are then sold on to the Lorry Owners who come to collect them.  They wanted to be able to write their names, to be able to sign documents for their children, and thus a group for adult literacy began... Read more>>> 


Residents and Staff of Cheshire HomeGiving the Elderly a Home

Kariobangi Cheshire Home was opened by Sr. Victoire Kennedy FMSA to serve a great need.  Kariobangi lies on the outskirts of Nairobi.  Its primary focus is the care of destitute, frail and vulnerable elderly people.  
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Nurtured With Love, is a documentary about the ministry undertaken by FMSA's Love and Hope Centre at Nakuru, Kenya.  The film's production was funded by Trocaire.