love and hope centre, Nakuru, Kenya

Africa Children's Day

Excitement ... joy ... and laughter!

Africa Children's Day was marked in a special way at Love and Hope Centre when our children celebrated life to the full at Nakuru National Park.

Sr. Patricia Speight FMSA describes the event for us...

It all began in April, when the children responded to our idea of “A day out together for fun and laughter." The children responded with a wish to visit Nakuru National Park, a venue close by, though none of our children had visited this famous spot.

I approached Mr. Muya with a request that he sponsor a meal for 60 children and 20 adults in his restaurant in Nakuru Park. His response was an overwhelming "YES" I made travel arrangements and within a few days joy and excitement were radiating throughout the centre, and in the homes of the children, staff and child animators.
Finally, the day dawned for our children and was indeed very special. As the bus drove up the bumpy road making its' way to the centre there were peals of laughter and joy. The bus stopped at interesting places within the park; the children sat in awe as they viewed the animals. Later as the bus-ride approached Nakuru Lodge, we caught glimpses of the most beautiful exquisite scenery encapsulating the entire Park.
Mr. Muya was there to welcome us and provided a beautiful meal by the Lodge swimming pool.
The children were enthralled by the day, the generosity of all and the courtesy of the stalff in serving a stupendous meal. I was particularly touched by the selflessness of the children who expressed a hope that their little brothers and sisters might one day have a similar experience. We would hope to be able to provide this later in the year.
The photographs provide an insight into a wonderful day of fun and celebration made possible by benefactors, family and friends like Mr Muya.

From all of us in Love and Hope ...........a very big "THANK YOU."