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FMSA send two Sisters to WAU in Southern Sudan

In August 2010 Srs. Rosemary Odoul and Angella Nnakigudde headed for Wau in Southern Sudan to join the Solidarity with Southern Sudan initiative.  Solidarity with Southern Sudan is ‘an act of communion between religious institutes of men and women, which are members of the Unions of Superiors General (USG and UISG) and the Church in Southern Sudan under the direction of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference. 


Sr. Rosemary will be Matron of the Daniel Comboni Catholic Hospital in Wau and Sr. Angella will be the Hospital Administrator.  This Catholic Hospital was handed back to the Catholic Church, having been taken over by the Army 50 years previously.  As the photos show, the Hospital needs considerable repair work. 

Catholic Hospital, Wau

There are formidable challenges facing the people of Southern Sudan after the conclusion of a devastating war which lasted 22 years (1983-2005).  According to Bishop Deng Majak, Bishop of Wau, among the challenges are peace building, forgiveness through truth, just and love, not to mention the provision of a minimum of the basics of life itself; security, food, clean water, health, education.

Prior to the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa deciding to commit personnel to the Diocese of Wau, Srs. Miriam Duggan and Felicia Matola took up the Bishop’s invitation to come to Wau so that they could see for themselves ‘the depth and magnitude of the challenges facing Wau in health and education alone. We have to start from scratch and with the near hopelessly inadequate resources in terms of local capacity, resources in personnel, materials, etc.’

Wau is the oldest Diocese in South Sudan (105 years) and also the most populous, with 4.7 million inhabitants, 70% of whom are Catholic.  The Town of Wau, with a population of 500,000 is currently served by one hospital.  Infant mortality is amongst the highest in the world.  The inhabitants of Wau, especially the most vulnerable groups: nursing mothers, infants and elderly persons, all look to the Church with eyes and hearts of hope, anticipation  and excitement.  According to Bishop Majak, ‘Another hospital in Wau with Christian inspiration and values, total selfless professional service, endurance and patience will go a long way to uplift the morale of our communities’.

We are grateful to Srs. Rosemary and Angella for taking up this missionary challenge and wish them well in their new home and new venture.

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