Sr. Ivanna writes...

Kimani dressed in school uniformKimani Nganga is a very quiet, unassuming, very radiant man in his 89 th year of life. Born in Eldoret, Kenya, Kimani is an extremely popular man with many of the residents at Greccio, Home for the Elderly, in Kariobangi, where several of the FMSA are involved in caring for senior citizens.

In 2004, Primary Education became free in Kenya and as a result Kimani was able to achieve a life-long ambition, namely to go to school, albeit in his eighties!!!

As a pupil of standard five; he walks two miles to and from school each day. The recent tribal clashes meant that Kimani was moved to an Internally Displaced Person's camp and had to walk even further - now he walked seven miles to and from the camp each day to continue his schooling. Daily he sits with the small children and is well accepted as a former veteran member of the Mau Mau.

In June, 2008, following lengthy discussions with the Cheshire Office in Nairobi and with ourselves in Greccio, Kimani left the IDP camp and came to live with us. Much media coverage is given to him because of his story and he commonly makes the headlines in the national press and television.

He has settled well in the local primary school here and staff and pupils receive him with great courtesy. Above all, Kimani simply wants to continue his education, particularly his reading ability and literacy skills. He has heard of a special book called the Bible and longs to read it!

As a victim of the clashes, he seems reluctant to return to his home where he suffered severe trauma and painful experiences, and the care amongst his own people was at best inadequate.  Kimani is a most gracious, grateful, contented old person, at present sharing accommodation with two others.  Soon he will move to bigger single accommodation enabling him to do his homework.  He rarely watches T.V. or listens to radio, preferring to find joy and satisfaction in his studies.  His photograph is an indication of how much education means to him.

Guinness Book of Records Certificate