FMSA Temporary Professed Sisters
Gather  for Seminar at Kiamaina, Kenya  


ImageFrom December 28th 2008 to January 9th 2009 our Sisters who have made Temporary Profession of Vows as Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa had the opportunity to take a break from their various and far flung missions and come together at our Novitiate House in Kiamaina, Nakuru in Kenya. 

Those who attended shared some of their experiences of the Course:

Image"We have been truly blessed and priveleged to have had this opportunity to meet here.  These 10 days have been a very special time for us.

On our arrival we were warmly welcomed by the Kiamaina community. We enjoyed the excitement of coming from our various missions and having time together.  Our days were busy with the content of the course, but also full of joy and plenty of laughter.

ImageSr. Cecilila Njeri, a Little Sister of St. Francis was our facilitator. Her skillful facilitation called us to an inner journey as we reflected on our lived experience on mission.  We were challenged, empowered, inspired and encouraged in our missionary calling. 

Fr. Modesty Inyait (Apostle of Jesus) led us through some interesting sessions on Cross-Cultural Religious Community Living.  This was inspiring and challenged us to look deeper into our cultural values, beliefs and ideas and to appreciate those of other groups. 

ImageSr. Miriam (our Congregational Leader), with great zeal, took us through the topic of Mission. We feel renewed in our zeal for mission in the spirit of Mother Kevin and St. Francis.

It was a great joy to be back in our old home and to have this reunion.  We are grateful to our benefactors who made this gathering possible. 

Thank you, Mwebale nnyo, Nzikomo, Asante, Tatende,

                       Angella, Patience, Goretti, Mary, Lucy, Perpetual, Vidah, Jesinita, Assumpta