Jubilee Celebrations 2007

spanning two continents


On November 10th 2007 I celebrated my Golden Jubilee here, at La Verna in Kampala. My 'better half’ Kathleen Brankin had already celebrated on Nov 8th in Mount Oliver, Dundalk, Ireland.

Kathleen Hickey sitting in chair
Sr. Kathleen Hickey
Mbikko and La Vema entered whole-heartedly into the preparations. Sr. Cosmas' Diamond Jubilee celebration in August, as it turned out, was a good trial run for my Golden Jubilee! The two communities are becoming professional Jubilee celebrators, and in fact, some of my guests asked if they could be hired out for other celebrations!!! The preparations was a bonding experience for the Ugandan communities and for the young women interested in our Congregation, who came the day before to help in various ways.
I tried to portray my life history from 1935 to 2007 in a photographic display and the hole preparatory process caused peels of laughter all over the house! According to my community, the transformation from the young 'beauty' to the present 'crone' was startling! However, the display brought back many precious memories of Ireland, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa and I think everyone found my faith story inspiring-seeing in the photographs a time when God became real for me and I sensed a call to seek something more than what I was actually getting out of life.

Blessing KathleenWe were blessed with a glorious day as the invited guests began to stream in - Little Sisters of St. Francis, Sisters of many other Congregations, Srs. Ann and Patricia from Nakuru in Kenya and many other friends, including young women discerning their vocation.

Sr. Kathleen Brankin reading at her Jubilee Mass
Sr. Kathleen Brankin
Several priests concelebrated the Mass.  Sr. Angela took charge of the choir and the theme of the Eucharist was that of the Good Shepherd. This was followed by a buffet lunch and later in the evening a wonderful hooley. Thanks for the CD's sent by Avril, particularly the one of Jimmy Shand, I danced as I had before I entered many years ago.
I want to thank each one of you for remembering me and sending Mass cards, good wishes and presents. My thanks also to the two communities in Uganda for their tangible spirit of love and care. I felt happy and proud to belong to the F.M.S.A.

Kathleen Hickey