Waiting in Hope

This once proud country has been blighted by a corrupt government and politicians who have attacked its social fabric resulting in injustices and oppression.  On a day-to-day basis the plight of the ordinary people is very distressing.  Nearly all families have been traumatised by violence and unrest.

Zimbabwe was formally a beautiful country, a rich fertile land with regular rainfall and very few other natural variants.  Once considered the bread basket of Africa, it was prosperous, produced more than enough food for itself and was rich in minerals and other natural resources.

The Catholic Bishops have regularly condemned political corruption and encouraged the Christian community during hard and traumatic times.  

One of the biggest casualties of the upheaval is in the area of family life.  HIV/AIDS is rife and medical supplies are in very short supply.  There are many orphan children and many have been left on rubbish dumps, church steps or outside police stations simply abandoned to an uncertain and fragile future.

During this time of waiting, of possible political transition, we are called to support them in prayer and to assist in whatever way we can.  The people of Zimbabwe by their wonderful witness of courage, enthusiasm, dedication and persistent signs of hope are a ray of hope to all of us in a more stable and democratic society.  Meanwhile the nation lingers in political limbo.


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