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Group of young people working together on a projectYoung people represent the future for any society or culture worldwide. By promotion and involvement in passing on life skills and values we as F.M.S.A. have focused on truth, dignity, respect, fidelity and discipline in family life and especially among youngsters. Involvement with youth is paramount in bringing about any form of change initiative.

Our sisters have used Formation Programmes such as Education for Life, Behaviour Change and Youth Alive workshops. The approach used is always participatory as young people respond and learn from Group of young people acquiring life skillseach other. Contact is made with youngsters wherever they are; through input, discussions, and challenge.

Programmes impact greatly on the young people, so much are they enthused by what is on offer, that very quickly they are keen to share their experience with others and so a ripple effect occurs.

Eventually the local youngsters have been able to facilitate programmes for their peers with outstanding results.

Group of Young Facillitators show their Certificates
Young Facilitators show their Certificates